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Exercise is no racket: Keep moving with Reserve

Jun 16, 2018

There's nothing like seeing the sun skim off a freshly manicured golf green, the smell of freshly opened tennis balls or the coolness of the first dip into a swimming pool. Sports or any kind of kinetic activity – from golf to ballroom dance classes to swimming laps to a long walk after dinner – can offer contentedness, a general sense of well-being, just as easily as they offer invigoration.

Sports and exercise help you reclaim a bit of your youth and staying active with your friends cultivate rewarding relationships while you embrace your vitality. With Jeunesse, your vitality is Reserve-d.

When you wake up with Reserve, you’re getting a heart-healthy burst of Resveratrol that contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, and your day is off to a better start. You’re more equipped for smashing that bouncy yellow ball, swimming that extra lap or sending that dimpled white sphere soaring down the fairway instead of into that osprey’s nest in the oaks left of the sand trap.

 Slowing does not equal ‘Stop’

As we age, wear and tear happen faster than our systems can repair themselves. Muscle strength declines every day, and women start losing muscle mass earlier than men. The range of motion decreases, too, along with the elasticity of everything that works in concert with our muscles – joints, ligaments, tendons.

Moderate exercise can slow that progression and help lessen the loss of muscle tissue. That, in turn, can help ease arthritic pain, help with balance and improve respiratory health. When we exercise, we typically find ourselves hungry afterward, looking for healthful refueling options. Our intake of nutrients and superfoods, including the blueberry, dark cherry, açai berry, grape and pomegranate in Reserve, reinforces our overall well-being.

Reserve is as on-the-go as we are these days. The convenient one-serving packet is a seasoned traveler. Put it next to your auto-program coffee pot or toss it in your bag for the gym or the golf course. It’s ready when and where you are. Then go burn up the hiking trail as well as all that energy, and enjoy the resulting good night’s sleep. Wake up and do it all again. The more we “go,” the less we slow.

It’s up to us

Sports and exercise do much more than work your muscles. Research shows, that exercise releases endorphins, discourages depression. Enjoying an activity in a social setting – hey, maybe your golf swing or your backhand is good for a laugh, at least among your buddies – sure beats a case of the channel-surfing blues.

Every human aging at a different rate, but we can write our own story about how rapidly or more gracefully we age. And why not? A sedentary lifestyle aids in the decline of our internal systems. Get up, get your Reserve and reverse that! Exercise is the best way to erase the potential couch potato chapter in your life.